Training for New Group Leaders

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The Pocket Guide to Burnout-Free Small Group Leadership - Paperback Book

How to gather a core team and lead from the second chair

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Price : US$5.99

Retail Price : US$7.50

The Pocket Guide to Leading A Small Group - Paperback Book

52 practical ways to help you and your small group grow

No reviews

Price : US$8.50

Retail Price : US$11.25

The Small Group Leader's Toolkit - Paperback Book

An excellent follow-up resource for "8 Habits" leaders

1 Reviews

Price : US$12.97

Retail Price : US$18.50

Turning Members Into Leaders - Paperback Book

Are your small groups unable to multiply because you have no leaders?

No reviews

Price : US$10.99

Retail Price : US$13.75

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