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T O P I C    R E V I E W
johnbanton Posted - 09/07/2003 : 15:30:10
I have been involved with intergen cells since early/mid 90's (in NZ) and have experienced the blessings (and challenges)of these groups. About 3 years ago while serving another congreggation(in Aust) we began a transition to a cell model that promotes single gender groups and I have continued this in my new church. Hmmmm...although the single gender groups (Bogota model) have some great benefits (ie. higher levels of accountability and openess) I somehow have lost the place where the kids fit in. Has anyone got any suggestions? Hmmm... perhaps 'single gender intergen cells'? What's working out there? Has anyone else in the midst of a G12 transition found this or am I missing something?
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Gospelizer Posted - 05/02/2005 : 08:56:36
It has been quite a while since I replied to this topic.

Something that the Lord has taught me this last year is that with intergenerational cells you are going to have ups and downs and seemingly "unsolvable" problems with kids. Sometimes the key is to pray and just simply "ride it out." Kids do learn and mature. It just takes some time. For a while a cell might be chaotic, but things do do grow up...parents mature. A parent's and cell's faithfulness and longsuffering (Eph. 4:2!!!) will pay off for the cause of Christ!

Gospelizer Posted - 02/22/2004 : 15:00:42

The more I review your group agreement, the more I like it (I think I'll use the idea!).

Still not sure that I have gotten to the answer that I am looking for. Perhaps the answer is maturity and one has to (in love) "put up" with problems with kids until there is growth.


Two saved last night! Maybe this oikos evangelism stuff does have some merit!
Link H Posted - 02/14/2004 : 10:36:25
One solution is to try to teach the kids to behave themselves during the meeting, participate as much as possible, and gear some of the teaching toward the children. The adults may have to accept a little more noise and commotion than they would otherwise tolerate. You can 'cheat' by giving them Christian coloring books to work on, or asking them to draw a Bible story you are studying.

Many early Christians met in homes, and they had kids. They probably didn't have any children's programs. (Some of the epistles, letters intended to be read to churches, address chidlren as if they are present in the meeting in which the letter is being read-- a good indication that children were present in the meeting.)

George Patterson, a missionary and church planting coach, has suggested having a Bible story to go with whatever passage you are discussing. Even if you are in an epistle, you can find a corresponding story from the Gospels or the Old Testament. The children can act out the story during the meeting, with the older children organizing the younger ones. They need some time allotted to plan this out. It gets them involved, and can sometimes be very educational.

markchism Posted - 01/26/2004 : 20:33:49
Daniella, you are absolutely right. It isn't just in this area, but in many other areas. Let's take the path of least resistance and make sure everyone is comfortable and not inconvenienced. In the post above, I would be interested in knowing how involved the other members of the Basic Christian Community are in the life of these families. Of course, nothing is ideal, but does that mean we don't keep calling people to it. In the cells, I have seen this type of situation become the opportunity for the cell to become the "family". Seeing the other families come around and assist in the children's mentoring and training is both scriptural and it works. We have seen families in our cells where the husbands have been called up to active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, and watched as the other moms and dads rallied to step into these childrens' lives. It has been such a testimony to the manifest presence of Jesus and his love that we now have other mothers and children of reservists who have heard about what is happening in our cells ask about and seek out cells they can join so their children, many of whom are having very difficult times with daddy being gone, so they can be nurtured. Many are being community and family by taking turns at nights and during the days being with the children while others take mom out or just let her have some time alone. This is "inconvenient" and at times difficult, but it is changing the lives of kids and moms.
daphne kirk Posted - 01/21/2004 : 19:07:20
Hi this is Daniella Kirk. Daphne's daughter.

I have been in and worked with Ig cells for most of my life.

The problem we see in the cell is usually what's happening at home, so by separating them in the cell doesn't solve the problem at home.

What would be the reason for separating the age group? Is it to make the parents feel more comfortable? Or to deal with the issue... if so how would it deal with the issue? And how would you know when the issue was resolved?

Just some thoughts.
Gospelizer Posted - 01/21/2004 : 10:01:06
I think that there are some assumptions that have been made since last I posted. The assumption is that all of our American groups have people in them that have been saved for a number of years and are simply negligent in discipline. What is needed is not necessarily always revival (although who would argue that we ALL need revival?). New Christians come into our cell groups with children that have learned some extremely bad habits (even some of their schools allow them to act like maniacs). They are new believers and it takes time to grow up. Sometimes it takes even longer for the children to respond to mom and dad's new change. Furthermore, here in the Detroit area, auto workers work different shifts (not everyone works days). Because of this, ALONE mom sometimes has to bring three children under the age of six with her to cell meetings. Do you see what I'm getting at? It's easy to say that we just need revival (and, again who would argue with that anyhow?), but the fact is that sometimes there needs to be some kind of temporary fix until parents and kids grow up. (I'm typing this quickly, but I hope that I am making sense.)

The cell agreement is a great idea. Allowing the kids to participate is a great idea. BUT, there are times when making agreements with two and three year olds whose parents have been saved only a short time really means very little.

I have never been in favor of it (I have only used IG cells), but maybe there are some times in some groups where an age separation is needed. What do you all think?
daphne kirk Posted - 01/20/2004 : 01:48:48
Well.... you "stirred the pot" Randall and it has all gone quiet again!!

Any more one liners .... lets have them and keep the discussion going!

Daphne Kirk
Reconnecting the generations and releasing young people and children to have an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.
touchadmin Posted - 01/12/2004 : 14:41:39
I just love stirring the pot when it results in good posting like I've seen in this thread!

Let's keep it up here and get others to do the same in different threads. I really do think this forum can be a wonderful and FREE place to learn from one another if we'll get the word out and support it by posting our thoughts.

Tammy Burns Posted - 01/12/2004 : 11:33:16
Good morning Daphne, Randall, and other pastors. I just received an invitation from Daphne to check in on this discussion. There are two things I think I have to offer, but first let me say that I have felt the same frustration that I am hearing from everyone on this topic. I have been struggling with cells and children in the cells for about 8 years now, both in Brazil (with Brazilians) in Houston, (with many nations represented as immigrants), and now in Tucson (with mostly middle to upper middle class white Americans). I have yet to see the children truly embrace their roles as ministers and feel a genuine part of the cell on the large scale basis.

This culture we are in now seems to be the most difficult to "corral" because of all the distractions you mentioned. I was in my "listening room" the other day and the Lord reminded me of something I believe I learned originally from Uncle Ralph. As I was asking Him "HOW DO WE BRING THESE PEOPLE TO YOU???" He said, "Why not take ME to them?" That alone has been revolutionary in my thinking. In many parts of the world I believe the, shall we call it the "traditional cell" (hope that's not too much of a contradiction) works very well as people are less distracted by their entertainment and freer to gather. Somehow it seems easier to fully give one's life over to the ministry, and frankly there is not nearly as much to compete with. But here, those we want to reach are also out there at the soccer and baseball practices at all times of the day and week. We may, with work, succeed in pulling our people out of that to gather in a cell, but we just remove ourselves from the people we want to reach. I believe we need to organize ourselves and maybe strategically put our groups together around a particular sport, or interest. Rather than fight it let's join it.

For example, Our current group is too large right now. We have about 10 adults and 12 children ages 0-16. We are all in scattered in our non-church social lives. We are early in our transition in this church, so our problem is lack of leadership to multiply the group. My thought is that we multiply along gender lines and have one group of ladies and girls and another of men and their sons. Immediately we resolve all issues except that we are still separating the family a bit. However, we can meet on the same night (different houses) and still have no babysitting issues and still not separate the family two nights out of the week. We also can share the same agenda and ministry focus, but for the sake of logistics and intimacy, we are in homogeneous gender groups. I think we all agree that at all ages its easier to be vulnerable before the Lord without the opposite sex present, especially when this is a new thing. Furthermore, in our particular church we have the "women in leadership" concern which eliminates half our potential cell leader pool. This way we have women leading women, which seems to be ok.

Now, as we move forward I'd like to see all our children get a ministry vision and maybe participate in the same club sports, like all be on the same soccer team or baseball team, or at least in the same club, so that we can strategically enter that segment of our unchurched peers in our city and make our own lives overlap so that fellowship and community is more natural and less effort.

As for the vision, it is so true that the light must come on. I've seen that happen at Daphne's conferences and I have seen it in my own life, but I don't know any magic trick to make it happen in other's lives except to pray for that annointing that Daphne seems to have been given.

So that was my first thought. Secondly, I would like to copy here a sample cell agreement that came out of our cells using the questions Daphne presented. We separated and went over those and I brought them home and wrote up the agreement for everyone. The key is it contains elements from both discussions. The kids really appreciated being able to contribute and say things like, "We don't want people in our rooms going through our stuff" and "People shouldn't be pigs and eat all the cookies, but leave some for the rest of us". It's very practial and very specific to our situation and problems we have encountered. (We call our group, OUR GROUP. We're still working on an acronym for OUR) Here's what we came up wtih:

Our Group Agreement

1. Believing that God wants to use community in Our Group to mold and shape us as well as to advance His Kingdom in Tucson, we agree to make Our Group time and the relationships within Our Group a priority in our lives.
2. Recognizing that we do what we value and we value what we do, we agree to work towards shaping our lives in order to facilitate Group life.
3. As we meet from house to house, we agree to respect one anotherís property by observing the following ďHouse RulesĒ:
a. Donít open closed doors, closets or drawers
b. Keep food in the designated food area
c. Be considerate of others and donít eat too much
d. Donít ďinvadeĒ otherís rooms, and ask before playing with or messing with stuff. Treat otherís things with care.
e. Keep shoes off the furniture
f. Knock before entering bathroom (some of us have doors that do not lock).
4. We realize that basic Christian Community depends on the development of meaningful relationships, which requires an environment of openness, honesty and trust. We will facilitate this environment in by observing the following:
a. Commitment to be transparent with our own lives
b. Commitment to confidentiality within the group
c. Separating men and women / adults and children when necessary to allow greater freedom in sharing
d. Commitment to not gossip or condemn anyone, including spouses, in the context of group conversation, and to move the conversation out of that when it accidentally occurs.
5. Out of respect for each otherís time, we will begin and end on time, leaving the door open for fellowship after the group ends.
6. Because we are role models for the younger generations in Our Group, as adults, we will look for ways both during and outside the Group time to interact with the children. This could include a phone call during the week, a note in the mail, card on birthdays, special lunch out, etc.
7. As full members of Christís body, we as children recognize that God wants to use us to minister in Our Group as well as receive ministry, and we agree to participate at every level of the Group, cooperating and sharing in the vision and goals of the group.
8. As adults, we will expect God to speak through the children into our lives and will be open to hear what they have to share.
9. In order to meet the needs of the entire group most effectively, we will separate the younger children and rotate leadership of a ďkidsí slotĒ among the adult and older kids in the group.

From the battlefield,
daphne kirk Posted - 01/11/2004 : 17:32:03
Thanks Mark for your input, ....and for your challenging response Randall.

All I know is that Mark is right .... without a passionate love for Jesus, the conviction of the Holy Spirit and without seeing how clearly it is written in the Word we will go nowhere. That is how most of the change in our lives happens. Most topics like this are preached from the pulpit, discussed in cells yet I rarely hear a Pastor preach on the place of children and familes from a Biblical perspective. That is why I wrote "Reconnecting the Generations" .. to give preaching material!!

Churches that say they are Bible based have rarely applied that principle to the ministry model for the children and young people, or to their families. The Bible says it is ALL our responsibility, yet we still tell people they must be "called" into it. The Bible commands it!!!

The culture of the church needs to change and that usually starts with the pulpit and the lives of the senior leadership. We put people into leadership without checking that they are discipling their own children and then we wonder why the rest of the congregation does not "get it"!

We set up equipping tracks and send people out to disciple others without inspiring and holding them accountable for discipling their own children first Equipping tracks need an integrated place for this BEFORE they are equipped to disciple another person. So many small changes will change a culture.

I agree about seminars etc as we usually know them.... when I go into a place I see hearts changed and deep repentance. I see the Word convict and the Holy Spirit change pastors (who are often in tears) leaders, families. From that place we can move on. The first conference I do, which Mark is refering to in Memphis (see my website) will not give simple structures but a wave of deep revelation and repentance individually and between the generations. Nothing less will do.

We have nearly 200 years to undo and get back to our Jewish roots... it IS a big task !

The problem is not with American cell church or American Christians it is the same world wide..... every where I go. I have never been to a place where they tell me that they have heard the message I give before.

The Muslims know how to do it... and they are taking the world this way.In small groups visionary men train children as young as 4 years of age. Their homes have the culture and they spend up to 6 hours a day in the Koran.
Soccer / base ball /basket ball players know how to disciple their children. No one has to write books to tell them how, or hold seminars... they are passionate and they know what to do!

Why is it such a problem for us?

Can I suggest that we have underestimated the warfare, not seen that our eyes have been blinded AND have lost our passion for Jesus.

Passion spills over the next generation

I can only say that I am avaiable for emails, for questions, for consultations.... but this requires passion to change the destiny of your nation and to bring forth a generation who will prepare the way for Jesus return and the only way I know how is by going back to the Bible ALL the time, and deserting our man made ways, programmes, forms and ideas.

I speak passionately .. I want you to catch that passion cos it is the heart of Jesus.

As I write this I pray for the Holy Spirit to turn hearts .... and restore our love for our Jesus who can do what no man can do ... restore, redeem and transform the Bride (every man, woman, young person and child) for His Son.

Daphne Kirk
Reconnecting the generations and releasing young people and children to have an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.
Mark Chism Posted - 01/11/2004 : 00:39:49
Hey Guys,
A very intesting discussion going on here. As I read the discussion, I couldn't help but think about our church's transition from a very traditional, program-based church to an intergenerational cell-based church. We are still moving along and it has been challenging, but exciting. One thing that I do know about this paradigm shift is that it is impossible without two very important things. One of those is an absolute conviction that this is the biblical-based mode of being community in the Body of Christ and that the leadership and the people of the congregation but be taught and prepared for a completely different way of "doing church" and experiencing the life of Christ.
We made that decision on the front end and it is what has kept us on track as we encountered problems, and sometimes confusion. All the practical helps Daphne gives here and in her books are excellent and, of course, right on point. But, without the value and deep conviction that this is the biblical model then we all will default to what we know best and have the most experience with. The challenges of the program-based model are well-known and have eithe been addressed, worked through or around, or ignored and we are comfortable with that and the "success" that what we know has brought. Intergenerational cell life has many new and sometimes, imposing challenges; BUT, let me say that I believe that dealing with them and seeing the implementation of intergenerational life in the Body of Christ is more than worth the effort.
This journey over the last 24 months so far of our transition has been messy, hard, chaotic at times, and exhilarating. I wouldn't trade any of it. Where there is life, there is usually messiness, chaos, and hard, but for me it sure beats any alternative I have seen.
Without doubt, the program based design has been successful in its aims and goals,(heck, I am a product of it and have seen it work to do what it is designed to do) but, I think we have to be honest enough to admit that these are two completely different animals.
So, all the "tips and techniques", as good and helpful as they are, do not bring satisfaction or fruition until we have "burned our ships on the shore" and the smoke is in the air. Then, we know that based on our convictions from God's Word that we must surrender to His Spirit and work through with Him.
Our transition has encountered every problem mentioned here as we have multiplied cells and worked through all of it. Some of them have been easy, some have been difficult and some we are still working on. But, we have made the decision that this is the only way we want to experience the presence of Christ and each other. I will tell you it would have been easier to go back to what we know how to do at times, but it isn't worth it. When we encounter these challenges all of us have the natural tendency to default to what we know and the challenges we have already either dealt with, worked around, or ignored. With this new way, we sometimes have to pioneer it with our partners together in places like this forum.
The one thing that I have discovered; all of it is worth it even in all of the challenges. I wouldn't have traded the struggles and trials and know that many more lie ahead in our continued transition. My only regret at this point is that my three children who are 22, 19 and 17 didn't grow up in a church that was committed to "doing life" together in intergenerational Basic Christian Communities instead a programs. I am glad that my 17 and 19 year old now have adults in their lives who are committed to mentoring them and pouring their lives into them at their ages, but now I can see how much they will miss. There is no program, study, Sunday school, counseling or para-church ministry that can do what these adults that we are living in community with do for my young adults.
And, the one of the greatest joys of what we are experiencing now is having the children of our Christian community be involved in my life. It is so exciting and fulfilling for the children in our community of believers see me at the stores, ballgames, and the church building and run up to me to give me hugs. They call me to tell me they love and to share their latest exciting news with me. Because I had never felt "called" to "childrens ministry" I would have missed out on what has been a truly rich experience. I look forward now to the nights I get to do Kids Slot as much as the other nights our "family" comes together. And this was as much a paradigm shift for me in the beginning as it is for traditional church members to embrace true cell life.
Daphne, you are a treasure to the Body of Christ. Hundreds of children and adults in our congregation have been changed forever because of your vision. As valuable as this forum is, it is imperative for any who want to see this kind of life develop in their Body to acquire all of Daphne's materials and devour them until they become who you are and then have your leadership and congregation see and "get it". Also, Daphne don't forget to invite them to the conference in March at New Hope.
We don't have it all and still have a long way to go, but I am committed to the calling and vision of raising a generation who are radical for Jesus and others, not just being "educated" in a church building. What a calling; to link arms with a congregation and hundreds of parents to see a completely different kind of generation of young people than the world has yet to see. Carry On!
James Bell Posted - 01/08/2004 : 16:10:53
Randall, you raise some interesting points. And Daphne, I think you spoke clearly and quite well in addressing my issues. I like your suggestions for practical ways to improve a difficult situation. I am going to sit back and listen to you two for awhile and hopefully learn something. One observation first, though:

It takes more than just the family to produce a spiritually-minded, well-rounded child. Our children's church and AWANA programs result in kids who know and quote scriptures, interact well with others, and know how to really (even if simply) pray. To blow all of this off in the name of "cell life" is really sad. I hope none of you feel this way. A cell without the larger congregation is "an elbow twitching in the ditch" in view of what we are taught about relationships in the body of Christ in 1 Cor. 12. That being said, we DO need a much stronger representation by the parents. They SHOULD be the primary disciplers.

Okay, I have stirred the pot a bit. You guys go right ahead...
touchadmin Posted - 01/08/2004 : 12:13:13
Daphne, Randall here for the follow up to your response...

All you wrote is excellent. BUT, one thing I think everyone on this list would like to know is the following:

1. Today's American Christian parents by enlarge expect someone at the church to disciple their children. Sunday AM is supposed to be supplemental, but the parents find themselves too busy with work and carting the kids around to soccer practice during the week to be involved in daily discipleship. To make this worse, they actually think they are discipling their children... the deception runs so deep that they will argue with you and leave a local church over it should you really prod them with the truth of the matter. Or, they will tell you they are doing the best they can and to bug off and pick on someone else.

2. When these deceived parents (God love em!)show up at a cell meeting with two kids, they expect someone else to have a nice program for them so they can focus on themselves. As I have heard many, many times in my own group, "we just can't concentrate and worship or give or receive ministry while our kids are in the room, and we don't like to rotate out to work with them... on those nights its just easier for one of us to stay home with the kids."

Daphne, I'm sure that what I've shared thus far makes your blood boil because I know you and your God-given mandate to involve children "as with adults."

BUT, this is where the American cell church and American Christian parent's mental model and values lie today. Moving a church from this paradigm to what you suggested in earlier posts (not this last one, but the more visionary posts you made) is a quantum leap in thinking. Nothing short of waves of deliverance and repentance will change it.

Not that that a family-style repentance and revival is a bad thing to pray for, but we must plan for and work toward a very slow shift in the minds of the typical American Christian parent.

Frankly, the "as with adults" mantra works for lots of questions posed to you, but in this case, I believe we should shield the children from being anything like the adults!

Give the viewers of this post, most of which are senior pastors, an understanding of how to slowly move the parents in their churches out of deception and into the truth... and while suggesting a book to read might be helpful, know there's so much satanic resistance to this that I don't think holding a seminar or series of training sessions is going to do it. The parents won't show up.

It is not my intention to come across as mean or to box you in with this continuation of our conversation. I just know that I get calls here at TOUCH every week concerning children in cells ... and the pastors have read much if not all of your stuff and are still wholly unsuccessful in moving their church families into true intergenerational cell life (or what you abbreviate as a "IG")and weekly cell meetings.

To be sure, some of the issue is that many senior pastors have delegated the discipleship and care of the children to a children's pastor and do not see the children as members, but children of members. While many would never state this, their actions show it in spades.

But, a strong post about this issue is not what I think the pastors want from you. They want to know how to shift the value system within the typical American Christian parent away from what the traditional church (and the increasingly ungodly, child-focused society in which they live) has done to three generations of Christians.

Chew on all this and let's keep dialoging, allowing the world to read what we're writing. It's great stuff!

Randall Neighbour
Forum Administrator
daphne kirk Posted - 01/08/2004 : 09:12:09
James : A cell must take account of the number of children (as they would with adults) but many don't - they just think about the adults and then pile the children in regardless of their needs, behaviour or relationships. (They generally dont do that with adults!)

So your example would mean strongly taking the number of chidlren in a family into account when starting or multiplying a cell. I usually say no more than two thirds children to adults OR how many and which children can this cell disciple properly? ( as you would when placing new adults there) Certainly there needs to be a good mix of those with children and those without.

My principle of "as with adults" is to make people think often people do not relate to children with the same care as they would with adults eg
If a child does not talk much in the cell they think they are being "good"
If an adult does not talk much in the cell they try and draw them out!

So the "as with adults" makes people think about their attitudes and care for childen... I DO realise they have different needs but this phrase has helped many questions people have.

As for laws of inappropriate behaviour I do hope every cell church has a CELL based Child Protection Policy! I have not found many who have this!

So.... when you say "Isn't the number of children present a large part of the problem? For example, if we had 22 adults we would say "Time to multiply!" I agree!!

Daphne Kirk
Reconnecting the generations and releasing young people and children to have an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.
daphne kirk Posted - 01/08/2004 : 08:53:39
Ok ... first of all I dont have all the answers (that might be a shock but it is true!!!!!!!!0 but I think we MUST start with the fact that i have not found any other Biblical model other than:
Parents are the primary disciplers of their children.
One generation is responsible for the next.

SO we first have to ask if that VALUE is at the heart of what we are wanting to do. If I gave £/$1000 to every person, every week in every cell, who was able to disciple their children in an IG cell I think half of the problems would be very quickly overcome!!!!

So the importance of the Biblical model is the first criteria for overcoming challenges.

Having said that:

I will unpack you question with SUGGESTIONS (not full proof answers!)

Could one member of the cell not help in preparing the home AND help with the host children for about 30 mins prior to others arriving (room wont get messed up again before the meeting!!)

The composition of the group should always reflect what the cell can handle and they need to make considered choices about that. One would not just keep putting more and more adults into a cell if the cell could not handle them (so with children) It seems that the cell needs to multiply and bring the ratio of children to adults down AND include singles and grandparent figures as those who contribute to the Biblical model of "putting the solitary in families" and grandparetns having their own generational input espeically the older women to the younger and the older men being father figures to the young men (this generational flow is about more than children)

The cell leader can do any of the following to help:
1. Email me!!!
2. Look at the touch web site to find good books with practical suggestions that will help.
3. Use material to "get things off the ground" that can be bought off this site that will give both adult agendas and Kids Slot that are on the same theme. This will give a good model.
4. Visit another ig cell
5. Visit another IG cell in another church.
6. Ensure that the cell understands the Biblical basis of what they are doing.
7. Talk about the probelm with the cell and have ideas from the group in an attitude of seeking the Father. etc etc

and of course pray, pray, pray!!!!!

As for the "Non - negotiables"

If the kids are too rowdy :
1. Address the issue with them and with the cell, and have some secure boundaries (see my previous post about a cell agreement
2. Some small rewards for participation and good behaviour for a limited amount of time will help break behaviour patterne (one group insisited that the adults have rewards too "as with adults!!")
3. Talk with the chidlren individually, find out why they are unco operative, build strong relationship with them outside the meeting, pray for and with them. (all these are things you would do if they were adults!!)

If they are too young........ if they are babies they can stay with their aprents and go to sleep, some cells even bring a pillow for the toddlers, have them ready for bed and spend a few weeks focusing on training them to sleep in the middle of the cell meeting after the worship.. this takes time (love, joy, peace, patience etc.) but it does work. Children learn to respond and obey in their homes (I hope they do) and need that discipline in a cell meeting

The children are not there to be "cared for" but to experience the presence of Jesus, to know they are part of a community of the kingdom, to be discipled, to minister, to have some ownership, to give and receive, to hear the voice of God, to operate in the gifts and be inspired to go out and win their friends for Jesus (just like the adults!!) THEN their lives and their behaviour will change!

So what would I do?

1. Clear the room up of toys and cover any others with a sheet so they were out of sight and out of mind
2. Make sure that the children were seated among the adults, not next to each other and that the adults took care of one child each
3. Start by everyone standing and holding hands to welcome the rpesence of Jesus (and to bring obedience and order as we do it
4. Inspire the children that we need their input and inspire the adults to make space for it
5. Have praise and worship that entailed writing a love letter to Jesus (or drawing a love picture) while quiet music was palying and then share them..... then sing a prae song using the letters as a wave offering. pass round a basket, put the letters in and pray!
6. THEN send the "best" person out with some one who is less sure to have the Kids Slot before returning to share together what Jesus did among the chidlren, and among the adults (BUT I would have bought the book "Resources for the cell meeting with me to use so they had good materials!)

AFTER the meeting I would de brief with the cell (adults and children) and see how we can improve things . This I would do every week until things were "better"!

I have no idea how long this response is BUT will it do for starters? I dont have formulas but I do have the Biblcal foundations and plaenty of ideas..... so back to you all again, especially at Randall!!!!!!!!

Daphne Kirk
Reconnecting the generations and releasing young people and children to have an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.

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