Cell Group Leader Training - TRAINER'S GUIDE - Paperback Book

Cell Group Leader Training - TRAINER'S GUIDE - Paperback Book

8 easy-to-teach sessions to train your leaders with Powerpoints and more!

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Leader training shouldn’t be a chore for the trainer or a bore for the participants! The easy-to-teach 60 or 90 minute sessions (you choose which length works best for your leaders) will provide your new leaders with the spiritual principles that make cell leaders successful, and they’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Session 1: Preparing Your Heart for Cell Group Leadership
Session 2: Getting a Meeting Off the Ground
Session 3:How to Facilitate Ministry in the Cell Meeting
Session 4:Practicing Transparent Communication in a Meeting
Session 5:Life Outside the Cell Group Meeting
Session 6:Reaching Out to Unbelievers
Session 7:Walking Together through the Stages of Group Life
Session 8:Reforming Groups by Producing Leaders
Appendix A: What Do We Do with the Children?

Through the 8 sessions, your leaders will devote more time to prayer and intercession for members. They will learn how important the hours between cell meetings are for mentoring, servanthood and relational evangelism. And of course, they’ll learn all about how to facilitate a great cell meeting!

If you want your future cell leaders to understand the basics of cell group leadership, how to work with children in the group, how to foster an environment of transparency, how to lead a group into the presence of Christ, and how to move that group of people out into the marketplace to win their world for Jesus, this training is just what you’ve been looking for!

Simply download the presentations from the link below (the user name and password are found in the Trainer’s Guide) and schedule the training. Overview the material for about 20 minutes before you teach it, and focus your time and energy on relating to the leaders, not studying for a training class!

...don't forget to buy a Participant's Guide. for each future leader in your training!

BONUS! This trainer's guide also contains the same step-by-step instructor's tool for the Upward, Inward, Outward, Forward Strategic Planning Workshop.

The information to download the FREE Powerpoints to teach through this material are included in the Trainer's Guide.

Author: Scott Boren and Don Tillman
ISBN: 1-880828-40-5
Published: 03/15/2002
Page Count: 336
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