Elim (Passion and Persistence) Digital Edition

Elim (Passion and Persistence) Digital Edition

La apasionante historia de una iglesia transformando una ciudad para Jesús

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This 160,000 member church has fully mobilized every member into ministry through the life of their cell groups. This could not be better illustrated than the actions of the church during the worst disaster to ever hit San Salvador...

When the massive earthquake hit El Salvador a few years ago, the Elim Church used its radio station to coordinate cell group outreach to this world-class city, providing food, shelter and medical help to the thousands in need. Even the government was paralyzed and could not adequately help the city's inhabitants. Elim's cell group members saved the day!

Passion and Persistence contains accurate information on the growth, structure and ministries of this incredible church. It it endorsed by the church, and contains a chapter written by Mario Vega, the senior pastor.

This book contains an amazing story of how a church has survived moral failure on the part of the previous pastor and  grown to be one of the largest churches in the world... and it's not due to their unique structure for leadership (They use a classic, Cho-style 5x5 structure found in many churches around the world). This church has grown through evangelism and leadership development, birthed out of their passion to make Christ known to all men!

If you enjoy Joel's previous books, you will surely enjoy this book too. Here's what others are saying:

"I believe this book will be remembered as one of the most important ever written about a cell church movement...Their basic Christian communities are filled with the presence and power of Christ." - Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr., Author and Founder, TOUCH Outreach Ministries

"Passion and Persistence should be read by every believer and pastor who have a desire to experience revival and New Testament Christianity." - Larry Krieder, Author and Founder, DOVE Christian Fellowship International
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