Leadership Coaching - Digital Edition

Leadership Coaching - Digital Edition

The disciplines, skills, and heart of a Christian coach

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Do you want to increase your effectiveness in working with people, developing leaders and transforming lives? Leadership Coaching will show you how.

(We recommend this book to PASTORS who need to develop a comprehensive way to develop coaches over small groups/cell groups. It's not so much a book a pastor would buy and give to coaches as much as it's a deep look at what coaching is and how to develop a culture of coaching in your church. Powerful content... but not a quick read and not for everyone! Choose one of our other excellent resources to give to your coaches and buy this to read yourself.)

Leadership Coaching is an essential tool for coaches, leaders and trainees. Written by a prominent Christian coach and coach trainer, this book overflows with the practical tools, real life examples and practice exercises that bring the coaching approach to life.

The book begins with in-depth look at the heart of a leadership coach: the values and character qualities that give coaching its tremendous power. If you grasp the heart of coaching, you'll coach instinctively--so the author provides plenty of powerful stories and biblical examples to help. Starting with insights about how God builds leaders from the inside out, the book presents an integrated paradigm for developing leaders through coaching. As one coach trainer says:

“Without a doubt, it's the best I've read in the coaching genre. Tony has raised the bar for books on coaching with Leadership Coaching. This is especially true for coaching books written from a biblical perspective.”

Part II shows you how to coach with interactive exercises and sample coaching dialogs. You'll learn the foundational coaching skills and best pratices the following seven key areas:

  • Creating the coaching relationship
  • Working with the client's agenda
  • Using goals to define the desired outcome
  • Intuitive listening
  • Powerful questions
  • Creating action steps
  • Setting up support structures for change
Six additional "Master Class" chapters offer additional tools, models and exercises to help you apply these coaching skills to real-world situations. Leadership Coaching also offers extensive lists of powerful questions and key coaching principles, feedback tips, tools for problem-solving and much more. It's a one-stop shop for all the practical insights you need to coach effectively.

About the Author
Tony Stoltzfus has been a pioneer in the Christian coaching movement for years. As a co-founder of an international Christian coach training school, he created six coaching courses used at the graduate level, two coaching certification programs and oversaw the training of hundreds of coaches. He's authored many other workshops, training CDs and coach training products, and coaches an international clientele of ministry and business leaders. Tony also serves on the board of a coaching non-profit and leads a relational network of coaches. He and his family reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Author: Tony Stoltzfus
ISBN: 1-4196-1050-3
Published: 2005
Page Count: 308
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