Reconnecting the Generations - Paperback Book

Reconnecting the Generations - Paperback Book

Empowering God's people, young and old, to live, worship, and serve together

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The scriptures are full of God's vision for the generations - where all ages are united and working together to further His kingdom.

This book is a wake-up call, challenging us to change the way we see the interaction between generations and to change our values so that all ages can live and serve tgoether, fulfilling the great commission.

We all live in the context of "family" who those who have come before and those who will follow. It's easy to go through life unaware of how significant the context into which we are born is and how it affects us from day to day. There is a growing interest in geneologies, family trees and identities, and increasing concerns about the legacy that we will leave future generations.

Daphne Kirk offers practical ways, thoroughly grounded in scripture, as to how we can effect change in our own lives and in the lives of those around us, and bridge the gap that so often exists between the generations, both in church and home life.

"If you have been searching for a book on intergenerational ministry that is hard to argue against, this is it. I found the scriptural-driven mandates personally compelling and it rekindled the fire within me to fully involve the children in my cell meetings and between-meeting ministry. Just ask any of my group members if you don't believe me!" - Randall Neighbour, President, TOUCH Outreach Ministries.

Author: Daphne Kirk
ISBN: 1-84003-834-9
Published: 02/01/2002
Page Count: 127
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