Student Led Cell Groups Volume 7

Student Led Cell Groups Volume 7

Agendas for youth led cell groups

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Each book in this series provides 10 youth cell group lessons along with activity worksheets, ice breakers, and Bible applications. Each book addresses topics that students deal with every day.
This volume includes the following topics:

Being New in Your School or Church
Self-Confidence & Pride
Drinking & Drugs
Making & Breaking Habits
Peer Pressure
Homosexuality & AIDS
School-Based Clinics & Contraceptives
Dealing with Apathy

The best way to use this resource is for the youth pastor or adult leader over the youth-led cell group to review the pages for each topic and select various questions found in the resource to create the final guide used by the teens.

Only one book is required for all your cell groups!

Author: Ted Stump
ISBN: Not a TOUCH Publication
Published: 05/25/2000
Page Count: 71
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