The Relational Disciple - Digital Edition

The Relational Disciple - Digital Edition

How God Uses Community To Shape Follower of Jesus

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Randall's review:

"Any new title to come along that challenges believers to be more relational and disciple others is of great interest to me. In most American churches, discipleship is no longer relational if present, and this explains why so many small group-driven churches are not producing conversion growth through the groups (and why so few members want to become group leaders).

This release by Joel Comiskey discusses why Americans no longer relate to others significantly and how to be a different kind of Christian. This book took just an hour to read, which is an excellent length for the typical small group member who feels he or she is too busy to read. The type is even larger for old tired eyes or the non-readers who are put off by tiny print!

The content will hit home due to the way Joel relates his own life stories to the content of each chapter (he is very self-disclosing in this book). The book is also very biblically-based, citing numerous passages to reinforce the principles shares. What Joel writes about in this book is desperately needed in your church."

From the back cover:
Jesus lived with His disciples for three years and taught them life lessons in a relational atmosphere. After three years, He commanded them to "go and do likewise" (Matthew 28:18-20). Our God, the Trinity, is a relational God. He lives in perfect harmony with the other members of the Godhead. His Word is full of exhortations to love and serve one another. This book will show you how. The isolationism present in the western world is creating a hunger for community, and the world is longing to see relational disciples in action. This book will encourage Christ-followers to allow God to use family, friends, cells, and mission communities to mold and shape them into relational disciples.

Author: Joel Comiskey
ISBN: 0979067995

Published: 11/01/2009

Page Count: 160

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