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An Editor's & SG Minister's Review (5/28/2010)
I have to be honest. When I was asked to edit Ralph Neighbour's latest book, Christ's Basic Bodies, I was intimidated. As I then started reading the book, I was burdened by the weight of the life-changing potential of this book. I absolutely HAD to do a good job editing it because of what it could do for the people who read it.

Ralph Neighbour has a "voice" in the cell/holistic-small-group movement. That voice has never been stronger, even since Where Do We Go from Here?: A Guidebook for the Cell Group Church. Dr. Neighbour hasn't written just another book about small group ministry here. This is a book envisioning us for being the basic bodies of Christ as we should be.

Something is missing in many so-called Christian small groups ... Christ! I've been teaching our small group leaders about 7 signs of a healthy small group, the first of which is "Christ-centered." Christ's presence, power, and purposes are the most basic element of group life; it's central. None of the other 6 signs of a healthy group even make sense without this one. In Christ's Basic Bodies, Ralph Neighbour shows us how we can move to being the Bodies that Christ deeply desires for us to be.

Michael - Kentucky, USA