The Journey

Ever wondered how GPS works? Your app or GPS mapping device connects to a satellite and it pinpoints where you are within a few feet. It’s only after the GPS device has determined your point of origination that the mapping software can help you with directions to your desired destination.

Lots of people come to Christ and make assumptions about where they are along the spiritual maturity pathway. Some are much further along, while others think they’re spiritually mature (I’ve arrived!) but they’re really not. This self-assessment tool will help you determine where you are on your spiritual journey. It will guide you as you learn to become a servant in the Kingdom of God. You will learn where you are in your walk with the Lord and what steps you can take to grow into spiritual maturity.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. They are designed to help you see what further preparation you need in order to become an effective minister. Be honest with yourself as you answer these questions. Determining where you need to go requires a clear understanding of where you stand today.

Don’t be afraid to evaluate your past spiritual experience as you work through the questions. Answer each question without worrying about whether or not it might put you in a “bad light” in someone’s eyes. Your mentor is fully committed to helping you grow in Christ, not to belittle or judge you.

This self-assessment tool may take up to 30 minutes to complete. So, find a quiet place and devote at least this much time to this assessment so you can accurately evaluate your present spiritual condition without being rushed or distracted. Whatever you do, don’t ponder the response you should give to the questions! Read and answer them quickly, putting down your first impressions.

After you have finished, email the results to your mentor and your small group leader or your pastor to discuss insights about yourself — things you discover as you completed the assessment. During this private time of sharing, he or she will offer recommendations to help you develop a fruitful and abundant Christian life.

Together, you and your mentor will create a Journey Map for becoming equipped for the road ahead. As you complete that journey a year or so from now, you will be amazed at the growth you will have experienced. Your life will be forever changed as a result of developing your walk with the Lord.

Are you ready?

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