Section 7

Scripture talks about “strongholds” in our lives. These are areas where we seem to be constantly facing defeat, discouragement, or fear. We are often unable to move forward in our journey because of them.

Strongholds can defeat us spiritually. They rob us of our peace, love, and fellowship with God. Periods of intense stress often enlarge their power.

Are you struggling with areas in your life where you feel defeated? Few of us can wrestle with them alone. In the book of Acts, we find frequent examples of people being ministered to by others who are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Meeting with another person from your small group regularly, can be a springboard to victory. Sharing openly about your strongholds and seeking healing will help you grow. Our Lord Jesus Christ is more powerful than any stronghold, and it is your birthright as God’s child to be fully delivered from strongholds in your life.

Here are some strongholds common to many people.