Suggested Links

Many of these sites have links of their'll enjoy looking through their pages and learning more about the various expressions of Christ's bride.

This is a FREE social networking site for small group pastors, leaders and group members. Imagine myspace or facebook, but filter out all the junk and design it for small groups and cell groups to interact and voila! you have Small Group Friends. Join today and invite all your leaders (and group members) to join as well and you might win an iPhone or a Video iPod!

This site is dedicated to the Cell Church movement in the United Kingdom. It`s growing and really gaining momentum! Check it out.

Great resources and ministry for youth cells. Ted Stump, President. If you're looking for seminars and quite good materials for youth led cells, get to know High Impact Ministries.

Shepherd Community's web site (Pastor Ben Wong) This church has a huge network of cell churches and is very missions minded. TOUCH considers this church's work to be innovative and groundbreaking.

Way cool site for everything small groups and more...not a "pure" cell church site, but it has TONS of useful stuff for cell leaders.

Gospel Communication`s list of cell churches and ministries. Some are not found elsewhere.

Check out one of the most innovative ways to learn about the bible using your computer!

This is a unique web site for Australians looking for information on the burgeoning cell movement on this continent. This site is sponsored by Ruach Neighbourhood Churches. Check it out!

If you`re wondering what happened to Les and Twyla Brickman, this is their ministry`s website. Les and Twyla were on staff at TOUCH for a couple of pivitol years, and now minister to pastors and churches desiring to transition to cell-based structures. This site has some really good (and free) resources to view and download.

Wondering what`s happening with cell groups and church growth in Russia? Do you want to buy TOUCH resources in the Russian language?This website is for you! Biblical View also has a Russian website found at:

The Cell Church Missions Network Homepage
This web site is a great place to find other cell churches and find out about the annual cell church missions summit held in various places around the world. Check it out.

If you`ve perused our networking page and you want a listing of even more cell-based churches, check out this web page!
While you`re there do visit the rest of the site. This web site is hosted by TOUCH South Africa

Check out the John 3:16 Diagram from Touching Hearts!

This web site is designed in the Korean language for pastors who would like to buy TOUCH resources in Korean as well as NCD resources in Korean. This is our official partner for both South Korea and for Korean-speaking pastors in the USA.

If you are looking for encouragement and great insight into Intergenerational Cell Ministry, Daphne Kirk`s website is a great place to begin. Check it out now!

This church's web site carries a lot of TOUCH stuff as well as other stuff for cell groups and small groups that we don't carry. Worth a look!