CellChurch - A Magazine for the Second Reformation

What is this magazine all about?

In the Winter of 2000, CellChurch Magazine shifted gears,becaming CellGroup Journal. The primary focus moved from pastors to cell leaders in an effort to minister to as many leaders as possible.
This shift was a tremendous blessing to churches with growing cell ministries! We know this because our paid subscriptions went through the roof, rising from 7,500 paid copies per issue to just over 12,000 in two year’s time.
The last issue was released in October of 2003 (Vol. 12, #4), and marked the end of a vital publication for cell leaders. With the onset of internet-based resources and newly released cell-based books and audio/visual tools for cell leaders, the Journal was not needed in printed form.

Read the Archives

We hope you enjoy the articles you’ll find in these archives. Each issue has an incredible amount of practical advice for cell leaders and pastors alike. Feel free to copy them, use portions in your church newsletter, training materials or to give to your cell leaders. All we ask is that you do not reprint them for sale or post them to a web site without our written permission.


Volume 9 (2000)

Volume 10 (2001)

Volume 11 (2002)

Volume 12 (2003)