On Site Training

Group Leadership Training
We offer quality on-site training for your group leaders, coaches, and new core team members using various sessions from TOUCH's Cell Group Leader Training, customized for your church. We'll teach the sessions you want us to teach and trim or expand them to fit your training weekend schedule.

Strategic Planning for Small Groups or Core Teams
Teambuilding exercises around the four key areas of group health (prayer, community, outreach, and discipleship) led by a TOUCH facilitator will make a huge difference in the level of participation of your small group members and reduce burnout for your weary group leaders. This is a one-day workshop with six sessions lasting approximately 1.25 hours per session. Each person will utilize a powerful workbook written by Jim Egli called Upward, Inward, Outward, Forward which helps them calendar plans and think "outside the box" about their group.

Note that very few small groups have ever come together for a planning day where the leader of the group is encouraged to step back and let the members take the reigns and make the plans. This day always produces excitement among core group members and positive changes in a small group or cell group ministry. You won't be disappointed! Randall travels to local churches a couple of times per month to do this all over the nation, so call to book your Saturday strategic planning day early in the year to insure availability.

: The cost of a one-day, 8-hour training by Randall or a regional TOUCH trainer is $950 plus travel and lodging expenses and the cost of workbooks or materials. If your schedule is a Friday-Saturday event that is longer than 8 hours, a small additional fee is requested. Randall is also available to arrive early or stay later to work with church leaders, meet with coaches, spend time with the lead pastor or groups pastor, or preach. All the TOUCH trainers are energetic, fun, and highly relational, so we'd much rather stay in someone's modest guest room instead of sleeping in an expensive hotel bed.

Our Exclusive On-Site Training Guarantee

TOUCH offers a money-back guarantee on our training, which you just won't find with other ministries.
If you're not happy, we'll refund everything you've paid us for the training we did for your church, including the workbooks.
(this guarantee does not reimburse travel and lodging costs incurred)

To visit with us about on-site training in your church,
please call 1-800-735-5865 and ask for Randall Neighbour