Powerpoint Presentations

This presentation will enable you to walk through the steps of strategic planning with your cell leaders. This presentation is free to download, but it is password protected. If you have purchased the Upward, Inward Outward, Forward booklet for sale through TOUCH Outreach, you will find the name and password on the copyright page. Our ministry representatives are not authorized to give you the password without proof of purchase.

Download UIOF PowerPoint Presentations

Second Edition

Download Second Edition PPT

Third Edition

Download Third Edition PPT

Some helpful hints about reading Microsoft Power Point Presentations.

Unless you already have Microsoft Office installed on your computer you need to download a free PowerPoint viewer for your computer. If you have a Windows PC you can download a PowerPoint Viewer for Windows95, Windows NT and Windows 3.1 from Microsoft. If you use MacOS you can also download a  Powerpoint viewer for the Macintosh from Microsoft.

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