Small Group Health Assessment

This free online self-assessment will help you learn more about the current health of your group in seven important areas. The assessment takes approximately ten minutes to complete, and a link to the results will be emailed to you. That web link will have a graphical view of your results and links to helpful resources online.

This tool was developed by Michael Mack, the small groups pastor at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. In his book, Small Group Vital Signs, Mike explains that he and the lead pastor of his church wanted to know about the health and vitality of individual small groups based on a set of biblical core values that they found to be most important. Other assessment tools were considered, but they were time consuming to complete, required expert interpretation, and last but not least, they were expensive when one considers the numbers of groups at Northeast Christian.

We hope that you find this free assessment tool helpful, and that you'll come back to this page every three to six months and retake the assessment to verify your progress.