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Please avoid using a google (gmail) or an AOL email address. These servers block the emails you need to set up your ebook reader. If this is your only email account, feel free to sign up with it, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to enjoy the free ebooks we're offering.

Frequently Asked Questions about the TOUCH free ebook program:

Which ebooks will I receive each month?
That's a surprise! Each month for a year, you'll get a full-length ebook though, not just a pamphlet or short document trying to sell you something. This is the real deal!

Can I print my free ebook?
Because it's a full-length book we sell, we're not able to do this because of royalty contracts we have with our authors. But you can buy a printable version of the ebook any time you like.

What if I'm too busy to read my free ebooks each month?
No problem. Just download them as you receive the links via email each month and store them on your Mac or PC for reading at a later date. They never expire if you don't open them.

How long can I read my ebook once I download it and open it?
The specially created ebooks can be opened as many times as you like for ten days after you first open the document.

Can I forward or copy and give away my free ebook?
Our ebook system prevents this. However, since the ebook club is free, just tell your friends to come to this page on our web site and sign up!

What devices can I use to read my free ebooks?
The Locklizard ebook reader can be installed on a Mac or Windows computer, an iOS device, or an Android device. Just about the only reader it won't work on is a Kindle book.

Why do I have to download and install the Locklizard reader?
Our ebook system prevents unauthorized distribution of our published works. This  requires the download of a small, easy-to-install reader program. The user license key that is attached to the email you will receive is your serial number in the form of a file for convenience. The installation process only takes about 3 minutes if you follow the instructions in the email you will receive after signing up.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us.