7 - Intergenerational Supplement for the Community Life Series - Paperback Book

7 - Intergenerational Supplement for the Community Life Series - Paperback Book

Integrate your children into the life of your group!

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This supplement provides "Kid's Slot" agendas for the four core resources in the Community Life Series:

• Looking Upward
• Connecting Inward
• Reaching Outward
• Moving Forward

(Launching into Community Life and God is Powerful In You are not included.)

In most of the guides in this resource, the children remain with the adults for the icebreaker and worship, then move to another area of the host home for an age-appropriate discussion on the same theme as the adults. Excellent for ages 5 and up.

Many of the guides contain instructions for creative crafts, but this is not the best feature of this resource... Each guide moves children into ministry to one another and the adults, and encourages confession, prayer, waiting on the Holy Spirit to move, and deeper thought on tough topics such as relating to God, loving others to the point of sacrifice, intercession for lost friends and family, and coming to a far better understanding that a healthy group grows and changes and multiplies itself into two or more groups.

A note from Randall Neighbour, the editor of this resource:
I was deeply moved by the level of depth Daphne brought to the Kid's Slot guides in this resource. This is not a guide for baby-sitting or entertaining the kids while the adults are busy applying God's Word in the other room. If you use this resource with your children, they will no longer be seen as the church of the future by the adults in your groups... they'll be a vital, current part of the church of today.

Author: Daphne Kirk
ISBN: 9780982535233
Published: 09/30/2010
Page Count: 140
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