Encounter God - Teaching DVD's

Encounter God - Teaching DVD's

These professional video segments do the work for you

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This weekend resource is an excellent way for you to help all of your small group members experience freedom in Christ. It gently moves the member into an understanding of the damage of strongholds—those things in our lives such as bitterness, resentment and sinful habits that keep us bound and defeated. Then, the participants are given the good news...Believers don’t have to live with these things! They can be set free through transparent confession and receiving forgiveness and freedom through the work of the cross.
These DVD's are a great way to offer the weekend the first time in your church. You don't need to teach material you've never been through before. Just pop in the DVD and show your group the video on a TV screen or through a video projector.

DVD 1 includes the following video sessions:
— Understanding spiritual warfare
— From Darkness to Light
— Receiving and Ministering Healing
— From Impure to Pure (Women)
— Living in Victory (Women)

DVD 2 includes the following video sessions:
— From impure to Pure (men)
— Living in Victory (men)
— From Broken to Whole
— From Rebelliion to Submission
— From Cursed to Blessed
— Blessing Service (a wrap up time where the participants destroy their assessment card and celebrate their freedom)
— Extra Bonus 1: Promotional Video (use this to advertise the weekend in your groups)
— Facilitator's Training (Led by Jim Egli, the designer of the weekend and the one featured in the training)

Important Notes—please read before you order these DVD's!
— Each participant needs a Participant's Manual to follow along with the video or your teaching of the material. The workbook also has an encounter card bound into it and they will use this to note what they are struggling with or what needs to be confessed. (This manual is found in the discipleship area of our online store).

— The Retreat and Instructor's Guide is an excellent way to prepare for this weekend and insure you don't miss something important. (This manual is found in the discipleship area of our online store).

— If you want to save some money and buy these DVD's, one Participant's Manual and a Retreat & Instructor's Guide, see the "Money-Saving Bundles" area of our online store.

If you have any questions about this weekend, don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-800-735-5865.
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