The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry - Paperback Book

The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry - Paperback Book

When small groups won't work and what to do about it!

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Tired of reading books by pastors of large churches who could put a stick in the mud and it would grow a fruit-bearing tree in a week? Exhausted with doing ministry the same way, expecting different results? Exasperated by the lack of ownership among the members of your existing groups? Then this book is for you!

Pulling no punches, Neighbour diagnoses the problems surrounding small group and cell group ministry in America today, offering practical suggestions that work.

Here's what others are saying about this book:

“Prepare to be challenged in every area of thinking and practice. Instead of fixating on superficial structural issues, Neighbour penetrates to the underlying spiritual qualities needed for authentic change in the church.”

— Dennis McCallum, author and Founder/Lead Pastor of Xenos Christian Fellowship, Columbus, OH

“ ‘Please allow me to be blunt (again).’ That’s one of my favorite lines from this book, and I hope you will honor Randall's request and allow him to speak truthfully—even bluntly—into your experiences with small group ministry. Like any good doctor, Randall’s words will prod areas of weakness and poor judgment, but in the end he offers good medicine.”

— Sam O’Neal, Managing Editor,, Christianity Today International

“Every movement loses her way. Then God brings someone along to redirect that movement back to her roots. This book not only reminds the small group world who she must become again but also gives practical advice on how to return there. If your small group ministry is struggling, you are considering starting a small group ministry, or you’ve tried small groups before and come up lacking, this book was written for you!”

— Rick Howerton, author and National Director of Events and Training, Serendipity by Lifeway

“Through the last 12 years of working very closely with Randall, I know one thing for sure: I’ll always get an honest answer from him. And this is exactly what you’ll find in The Naked Truth about Small Groups. Randall reveals what has gone wrong with small groups in North America. But he doesn’t stop there. He offers biblical solutions that will help transform you, your church, and your small groups.”

— Joel Comiskey, author, Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church, Moreno Valley, CA and President, Joel Comiskey Group

“Randall exposes the raw facts about small group ministry while revealing God’s original designs for both living out the great commandment and carrying out the great commission. The Naked Truth About Small Group Ministry is chock-full of practical wisdom, problem-solving paradigms, and a genuine passion for missional communities of faith, love, and hope.”

— Dave Auda, Small Groups Pastor, Mosaic, Los Angeles, CA

“The first step towards healing is admitting that you have a problem. And if we aren’t willing to admit the problem, Randall Neighbour is bold enough to do it for us. Standing on years of experience, Neighbour shoots straight with pictures, stories, and raw reflections on the state of community and discipleship in our churches, and offers straightforward and time-tested advice for getting back to Biblical basics. Like a good athletic trainer, he breaks us down in order to build
us up to greater strength.”

—Heather Zempel, Discipleship Pastor, National Community Church, Washington, D.C.

“I love Randall Neighbour, but he irritates me. It must be his spiritual gift.
He exposes why some of our cherished methods and practices fail: they’re unsatisfactory, unrealistic, and sometimes unbiblical—but we keep doing them anyway! We’d go right on doing them, too, without this discerning and gifted practitioner screaming: The emperor has no clothes! Well known within the cell-church community, Randall’s insights are informed by years of experience and a love of Christ and his Church. His ministry framework may not precisely overlap your own, but his insights apply to anyone who wants to facilitate the formation of true Biblical community. If your small group ministry is thriving, on life-support or even left for dead, this book can show you why, and what to do next.”

—Dave Treat, Group Life speaker, trainer, and writer,

“If you are looking for nice platitudes or easy advice about small groups, you won't get them here. Randall has been around the ‘small group block’ too many times to ignore the fact that groups are about real people and messy relationships in the real world. If you want sound counsel on how to deal with the realities of these kinds of people and their relationships, then find the time to devour this book.”

—Scott Boren, pastor, consultant, and author of The Relational Way and Missional Small Groups

Author: Randall Neighbour
Publication Date: 06/25/2009
ISBN: 9780978877965
Pages: 256
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