Here is a selection of testimonials that our customers have sent us:

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1. TOUCH books have been the answer for our prayers to construct the God´s Dream-Church with biblical foundation to get sustained growth.

The church I have planted 3 years ago, now is using the strategy given by God through TOUCH books.

I recommend strongly to every pastor or missionary to read TOUCH books as one of the best availables resources what the church has to make disciples for Christ.

Adan Morales, Costa Rica
2. Touch Resources puts the emphasis in small groups where it belongs on relationships AND discipleship. Rather than the adversarial relationship some small-group ministries make out of those two things, Randall Neighbour and the other authors at Touch make it clear that you CAN'T have one without the other. Agree with everything they say or not, pick up a Touch Resource and you WILL be challenged. And the church today could sure use more of that.
Carl Simmons, Loveland, CO
3. My definition of church and ministry has been dramatically altered by TOUCH Outreach Ministries' resources, consulting, and training. As a result, our philosophy of ministry and consequent results have as well!

Being grateful but never satisfied – I look forward to resources from practitioners that are part of the larger TOUCH family.

Charles Barry, Pastor, Parys, South Africa
4. Over the years, Touch materials have helped us in developing a cell structure in our church and in training leaders for those groups. We especially use the Arrival Kit and Beginning the Journey, both of which have always had wonderful results in lives. Also, every time we have called the office to order materials or with questions, the staff have always been very helpful, pleasant, and great to visit with.
Brian Guy, Richmond, MO
5. I've used TOUCH materials for years. There is nothing better for discipling new Christians and opening their eyes to the need to reach out to those around them.

The difference in the spiritual vitality between those who have joined a small group using TOUCH resources and those who are Sunday only Christians is dramatic.

Don Childs, Pastor, W. Hoosick, NY
6. There are many small group resources that are available. But, in my opinion what sets Touch Resources apart from the rest is the practicality and heart in which the content of each resource is written. In small group ministry, details matter. Every resource I have purchased from TOUCH has been both Educating and Useful. Their material isn't just something you read. You put it into practice.
Donald Sims, Pastor, Manchester, KY
7. TOUCH Outreach, and particularly the insights from Ralph Neighbour's books, changed the way I think about church and the personal relationships between Christians.

I am very thankful for how God has used these truths in my life and in my fellowship.

Dru Stevenson, Pastor, Houston, Texas
8. The command was to go and make disciples, but most of us don’t know how to disciple as opposed to just “investing in” someone.

The Equipping Track materials written by Ralph Neighbour have helped my church, Servant of Nations, keep forward growth with solid direction in a format that enables the young believer to grow and mature while Christ is being formed in them.

Eric Wargo, Houston, Texas
9. I can always count on TOUCH resources to challenge our thinking, especially in the areas of leadership and group growth. Leading well in group ministry demands your best thinking combined with your greatest faith, and I'm grateful for Randall's expertise in this area. Having his experience and wisdom accessible through TOUCH is really a huge blessing!
Greg Anderson, Pastor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
10. We appreciate the ministry of TOUCH and their resources. They have been very helpful in the development of our Life Group Leaders.
Harry Fritzenschaft, Vineyard Lifegroups Pastor, Houston, Texas
11. My husband and I are LifeGroup leaders in a church whose vision is to be a church of LifeGroups (cell groups) and not just a church with LifeGroups. We have 9 groups, now, multiplied from an original 4 groups. Our church has an attendance of around 150.

We are a small rural community in Southwest Wisconsin trying to figure out how to make the cell group concept work in a rural area where neighborhood cell groups are unlikely to happen. People in this area are so connected with extended family, sports (much stronger in smaller communities, I think) and many outside long-time connections that, currently, LifeGroups are an add on for most people and not yet an integral and essential part of their community with other believers. A challenge but with lots of blessings, too.

Our LifeGroups are missional in focus and have been successful to some degree in living out the (Outward) missional aspect of cell groups and a number of people have come to the Lord and are being transformed as a result of the Outward direction. We are strongly based on the UPWARD, INWARD, OUTWARD, FORWARD model for our groups.

We appreciate the resources available through TOUCH. Your materials are both practical in information about cell group vision/mission/ministry as well as providing practical application in cell groups. Great material for whatever the needs of the leaders or the cell groups in living out the vision/mission. Well written materials. Very helpful materials. We've purchased a number of them and will purchase more in the future.

Jan H., Richland Center, WI
12. Years ago when we first started applying cell church principles, TOUCH resources were an absolute must to continue to explore key biblical truths and how to apply them. Nothing else was as clear and on target as the books and resources available from TOUCH to guide our path as we took new steps in implementing the cell vision. Throughout the years new resources published by TOUCH have continued to be vital for our cross-cultural ministry.
John Connelly, Guadalajara, Mexico
13. TOUCH's books are the resource that I turn to first when I have questions about how to lead our church’s home groups. TOUCH is also the first place I turn for help in training new home group leaders and coaches.

Your resources go beyond theory; they offer practical solutions from people who are in the trenches daily building the Kingdom of God. TOUCH is helping us carry out the challenge Paul gave to Timothy, and ultimately to each of us (2 Tim. 2:1-2).

Karl Case, Home Groups Pastor, Albion, IL
14. We have been using TOUCH resources for more than 15 years. Initially we began with Cell Church transition material, cell training manuals, and personal discipleship tools. Today we continue to use touch materials in our training of leaders and equipping of individual Christians. We have always been impressed with the quality and usability of all the resources and highly recommend them.
Kevin Kennelly, Pastor, London, Ontario, Canada
15. Harvest started using the TOUCH resources in our cell church in the 90’s. Since many of us were just beginning our walk with the Lord we NEEDED solid foundational material that would guide our conversations and our developing Christian beliefs.

As groups of two or three worked through the Arrival Kit materials together deep friendships were formed that continue to this day. We look back on those early days of Harvest, using Ralph Neighbour's teaching materials, with amazement at how much we learned along the way.

Recently, as we prepared for a fresh look at how we support discipleship within Harvest we made the decision to continue using the Your Equipping Journey Series for what we know is solid biblical principles and what a treat to have on hand the updated version of the Arrival Kit.

Lynn Ironside, Roches Point, Ontario, Canada
16. Thank you for sharing your extensive research and knowledge about small groups. Your books and other resources contain very useful and detailed information which have helped us as we plan small groups for our congregation.

Mario Montes, Messianic Congregational Leader, Ft. Worth, Texas
17. I have greatly depended upon Touch Ministries for material that encourages change in followers of Christ. Ihave used their resources in my local church ministry as well as in the prison ministry I oversee as Chaplain. The pesonal attention my orders recieve is great.

Chaplain Michael Atinsky, California
18. Looking on my shelf right now, I probably have every resource that’s available from Touch resources. As a Cell/Small Groups pastor since 1995 I have found these resources invaluable in my ministry of equipping people and raising up leaders. I highly recommend these resources to anyone serious about using cells/small groups in their ministry.

Michael Sove, Pastor, Salisbury, MD
19. TOUCH Resources have been invaluable for developing cell groups in our church as well as for creating leadership development resources. I appeciate the total assistance: conceptial guidance, strategic thinking, resources for integrating the entire church life around cell groups, and practical testimonies. Thank God for TOUCH Outreach Ministries.
Mike McCann, Leesburg, FL
20. I was convinced that God wanted us to be a church OF cell groups rather than a church WITH cell groups, but I couldn't find the map to take us there...until I was introduced to TOUCH. We have been using their resources significantly in our training and transition - and I love them!

Nathan Steury, Indialantic, FL
21. Touch Ministries resources on Cell Groups and Cell Ministry have given us what we needed in order to transition our church from a program based church to a cell based church. We have seen amazing change in the lives of our members and in their ability to reach outsiders. Touch materials do an amazing job of giving both the how and why of doing Celebration Services, Cell groups and Discipleship. These materials, and training, have helped us complete the transition to a people, relationship, and Christ centered ministry, that is making a huge impact on all those involved.
Chris Reinhard, San Bernadino, CA
22. Touch Outreach Ministries is the gold standard for small group materials. These folks are pioneers in the renewal of the Christian movement in North America.

Paul G. Theiss, Church Planter, Nevada
23. TOUCH discipleship materials have been an invaluable resource for our cell groups.

I love the fact that the materials immediately in the very first chapters help the new believer begin to discover how to listen to the voice of God.

It's a great combination of practical, experiential Christianity with sound biblical doctrine.

Peter Churchness, Buffalo, MN
24. We have ordered from Touch Outreach many times over the past years. The resources have always arrived very quickly and have been so useful to our leadership.

Touch is the ministry that we use to purchase resources because they walk in the same vision of cell ministry as we do.

Robyn Brockington, Katy, Texas
25. I have been reading TOUCH materials for over a decade and have not once been disappointed with a purchase! I have read probable 80 - 90% of what bthey have published. I ongoingly use the 'Year of equipping' with both new believers and those who are open to be mentored. I particularly like the pre Christian study booklet 'How to have a successful life' which consistently is used to bring individuals to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. They then start the 'Year of equipping' with 'Beginning the journey' and the mentoring process continues.
Ronnie Phillips, Pastor, Dublin, Ireland
26. When we decided to become a cell-based church back in 1993, TOUCH resources were our most effective tools and helps throughout the transition process. Seventeen years later their materials continue to give guidance and encouragement along this most wonderful journey for doing church in the 21st Century.
Russell Johnson, Sr. Pastor, Miami, FL
27. The reason I highly value TOUCH resources is because they offer a unique blend of sound theology, objective methodology, and practical wisdom that assists me in shepherding God's people to feast in the green pastures of a radical discipleship that flourishes in the context of biblical community.

In ministry, one can never receive enough wise council. This is why I often turn to TOUCH and why I am deeply grateful for the insight that is gleaned from every book I own.

Stephen Vaughn, Discipleship Pastor, Charleston, SC
28. I have used TOUCH resources for over ten years now. I have to say that I have never found a better matched set of training items that help me to share the small group experience and train our leaders.

They are simple and yet very useful to all I have shared them with. We have always been very pleased with our support from TOUCH.

Sam Lewis, Marco Islands, FL
29. The TOUCH discipleship (spiritual formation) resources helped us plant a church in which one-on-one discipleship became our greatest strength in conjunction with our cell groups. These resources helped us make disciples and not just converts.
Scott Dunn, Columbus, OH
30. TOUCH resources helped me get some books that challenge my thinking as I work in church planting. We all need fresh ideas in our ministries, and TOUCH has some great resources available.
Tony Floyd, Paraguay
31. I connected a brand new believer with T. as a mentor.

T. didn't feel competent because he had never done it. So, we mentor together using "Beginnning the Journey."

The booklet tells T. how to spend the mentoring hour in a relational way, preparing him for real life issues that may come up. Now, he's hooked! "We need to show everybody how to mentor!"

Joy S., Bozeman, MT
32. When I went on this mission field in 1990, Ralph Neighbour's books "Where Do We Go From Here" and "Shepherd's Guidebook" formed the nucleus of my church planting strategy.

Fastforward to 2010. We have 4 churches planted in Germany and Albania, and are working with Macedonian believers in Macedonia.

It was Touch USA's material that has helped us to build with our Lord the Kingdom of God in our time. First of all I thank God and then Ralph Neighbour for the help and now I thank you, Randall for carrying the vision forward.

Vic St. Clair, Macedonia