CellChurch - A Magazine for the Second Reformation

What was this magazine all about?

CellChurch Magazine was a quarterly publication from TOUCH Outreach Ministries published from 1992 through 1999. While other magazines focused on small groups from time to time, CellChurch brought its readers a fascinating look at cell-based churches around the world and hard hitting articles from the movement's leaders. It didn't muddy the water with "meta church" thinking - it focused on the needs and desires of cell-based churches, cell church plants and churches transitioning to cells from the traditional model.

Why did you stop publishing CellChurch?

In Volume 8 (1999) we slowly shifted the editorial content of the magazine from pastor's articles (and a few practical things for cell leaders and members) to a cell leader's magazine with a single, powerful pastor's article. The name changed to CellGroup Journal with Volume 9, Issue 1 in January of 2000.

We made this shift for a number of reasons. First, the movement matured and fewer pastors need education about the model from a periodical. Numerous books, articles and ministries are available to help pastors and churches today. Second, subscribers (the pastors) repeatedly told us they were giving multiple copies to cell leaders or copying articles for them, and more practical insights into cell leadership was important.

Read the Archives

To your right, you will find a list of all eight years of CellChurch to read, download, copy and distribute freely. All we ask is that you do not republish the articles in print or via the web without written permission. Enjoy!


Volume 1 (1992)

Volume 2 (1993)

Volume 3 (1994)

Volume 4 (1995)

Volume 5 (1996)

Volume 6 (1997)

Volume 7 (1998)

Volume 8 (1999)